Circus Road Screenplay Contest 2014 – Semi-Finalists

Circus Road is pleased to announce the Semi-Finalists for our First Annual Circus Road Screenplay Contest. In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners, there are three rounds to the contest. In the first round, every screenplay is read by several judges. The screenplays with the highest ratings move into the second round. The screenplays listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Semi-Finalists, which represent the top 35% of entries that we received.

We appreciate everyone’s submission! Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

2014 Semi-Finalists

1917 Ben Woestenburg
10 Minute Paradise Janyce Lapore
13th Generation Kathleen Mullin
21 Questions Alexandria Rose Rizik & Zachary Figures
3 Full Moons Marius Andro
3 to 11 Jeff Rosenberg
3000 Dollar Dog Larry Anderson
31 Years Lisa Mueller
3D at the Palace Kent Wilson
49th Day, The Craig Peters
68 Firebird Colleen Malfitano & Frank Malfitano
99 Fake Street Gordon Rayfield
A-L-L Robert Holt
Abominable Ski Man Allen D. Sevener
Across The Divide Dennis O’Flyng
Actor, The Jeff Siegel & Vincent Scordia
Adventures of Andrew and Amelie Douglas Cornwell
Aficionado Austin Penman
After James Dilworth
Agrarian Debra Higgins, Star Young-Dettro & Lori Bonfitto
Algebra 1 Chuck Whitton
Alice Mitchell Thom Vernon
Alices Best Interest Robert E. Randall
All of Her Life Jeff Shevlowitz
All the Gold in Nevada Ronald L. Ecker
Alone in Amsterdam Ralph Suarez
America’s Game Terry Ledyard
Among Us Robert Howling
Angel of Mercy Josephine Agricola
Anne Bonny Aimee Lamb
Another Mans Gun Derek M. Walker
Another Time Circus Heather Wilson
Antidote Man Jamie Sutliff
Apache Echo David McCartney
Archangel Joe “Tuffy” Tofuri
Armada Dimitri Neos
Ashes in the Wind Tessa Bell
Assist Linda Rumney
Azazel Tim Ehly
Baby on Board Steven Laflamme
Baby Pool, The Michelle Muldoon
Baby Star Sasha Higgins and Tim J. Lim
Babysitter Murders, The Fredrick J. Healy
Backspace Charles Huneke
Bad Lands, The David McCracken
Ballad of Gille Dundour, The Ross Dunsmore
Ballylickey Killings, The Hilton Webber
Bank of Days Paula Sewell
Beast Max Gold
Belladonnah Kelvin Gumbonzvanda
Belladova William Miller
Belzec Made Undead Steffan Postaer
Betrayal in Kansas City Carol Farrand
Beyond the Horizon George Ferris
Beyond the Stone Wall Louis Ladehoff
Big Idea, The David J Schroeder
Big O, The Jeff Siegel & Mark Rowland
Big Sister David Chester
Birth Control Erica Warnock
Birthday Magic George Spicer
Bitter Proxy John Hörnschemeyer
Black Monk, The Elizabeth Puccini
Bleeding Heart Leah Benavides
Blood Wolf Diana Cignoni & Sasha Higgins
Bloody Mary Emily Felt
Bloody Mary John C. Thursby & Dan Ast
Bogus Family Vacation Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Boo Hoo Flanagan Robert Gately
Bound Tracey Keefer
Boy with the Dancing Eyes Ron Iannone
Bre’gan’s Fist Tom Emerick
Bridezilla Joe LaMattina & Lisa LaMattina
Bullet Steve Spiro
Burning Creek Incident, The Blake E. Ray, Michael Ruther & S. Hollis Adler
Butterfly Children Melanie Schiele
Caged Alan J. Adler
California City CA Jon Reno, Jon Cring & Tracy Cring
Canaan Elizabeth Copeman
Chapters of Phoenician Walls, The Rodgers Wilson
Charlatan Dan A R Kelly
Chippies Patrick J & Patrick K Gamble
Chopper Cowboys Jeff Peters
Christmas Break, A Keith Justin Strausbaugh
Chubby Chasers Michael Dugan
Circus Doesnt Stop Here Anymore Scherrie Payne
Clash of Iron, A Richard Reed
Colonia Dignidad Donato Marcello Radice
Come Dream With Me Sandra Bolton
Coming Alive Brent Kinetz
Coming Home Ian Harvey
Conquest Casey Cherndon
Consequences of a Feeble Mind Marc Shuter & Curt Fletcher
Cottenhead Oliver W. Tuthill Jr.
Crazy Nurse Gwenis Alexis
Crossing the Line Lawrence Seliski
Culture Shock Jodi Levitan
D.T. Ken Comer
Damaged Goods Michael Baley
Deal Me In Jacqueline M. Loring & Bunny Wingate
Death of a Superhero Megan Griffiths
Deer Crossing Ian Miller
Degenerate Karen Frank
Delusions of Fellini Mark Cassar
Devil in the Window Marius Iliescu
Devil’s Valley Justice Harold Brown
Devils Backbone, The Kevin Quaid
Devils Larceny, The Howard Fridkin
Dinosaur Bowl, The Herb McCollom
Disturbed Barry N. Cooper
Do Over, The Marina Loos
Doc Zombie Darryl Anka
Dog Park Harold Taw
Don’t Mess with Mr Meow Meow Robert Broderick
Drifters April Rouveyrol
Duck Duck Dead Jon Huntley
Earth Aliens Michael J. Casey
East Side Girl The Musical Paul Arria & Max Segal
EKE’BOLOS Stephen C. Settle
Eleanor at Allenswood Robin Gerber & Alexandra Ryan
Elephant Milk Diane Sherry Case
Elijah Maria Lennon
End Time Protocol, The Adrienne Baranowski
Enumclaw Zach Jansen
Eubie Bonnie Seltzer
Evelyn and Eddie Gary Wallach
Extraordinary Life of Jacob Giant, The Gregory Giovinco
Fall, The Shawn McLaughlin & Michael Mityok
Family Converted Sean Riordan
Fetch Chris Burnside
Final Exit Jason Siner & Eddie Lavett
Find Jimmy Horne Jery B Rowan
Finding Distance Josi Levitan & Daniel Levitan
Finding Templar Treasure Suzy Vaughan
Fire in the Mind, A Ken White
Firebird Kathryn Machi
Floaters Molly Wofford
Follow the Southern Cross J Jay Ross
For Hayden’s Sake Maggie Franks
For Want of a Horsehoe Nail Josephine Boyette
Foreign Markets Ritchie Priddy
Four Days in May Beth Shaughnessy
Four to Glory Bradley Weigel
FourPlay John F. Harris
Fourth Night, The Mike Briock
Furious Storm and the Curse of Egypt Connor Gunnlaugsson
Galahads Sandals Linda Langdon-Floyd
Game Invaders Natasha Le Petit & Martin Threlfall
Gemini Skin María Del Pilar Blanco H.
Genius Tim Davis
Gestapo vs The Granny, The Shequeta L. Smith
Getting Back Belinda King
Ghost Story of Christmas, A Eddie Yaroch
Gigging Frogs and Hanging Men Ken Ross
Godmother Karen Willoughby
Godspeed Jeffrey David
Good Kind of Pity, The Dominic Marullo
Good Mourning Jessica Staszak
Gospel According to Clarence Thomas, The Ashis Gupta
Grace Jeffrey Allen Russel & Lynda Lemberg
Gray and Lover The Hearth Tales Incident JZ Murdock
Gray Yankee Doug McBeth
Green Means Go Bryan Buss
Guardian Ship Adam Rogulski
Gunny Chadwin Taylor
Gurgitator, The David Klein
Happy Trails Ray Karp
Haunted Caves, The Michael Patrick Stevens
Hawk Moon Cal Athan
Headshots Timothy Yost
Heckler, The Mike Hanson
Heidegger in Ruins Jeffrey van Davis
Hell Toupee A Story of Revenge Kevin Barney
Help Wanted Manish Chhokar
Heroman Timucin Leflef
Herr Max Michelle Bornstein
Holding on to Letting Go Juliet Bradford & Alicia Lipinski
Hollow, The Miles Doleac
Holly Jolly Christmas Ken Webb
Holy Rollers Kat Fullerton
Horseman of Zabul, The William Blackmon
House on Dixon Street, The Eric Eppinger
Huts Betty Ellington-Smith
I Can’t Say Tom Huang
I Dreamt You Kissed Me Harold Jewell
I’m No Longer Here Fernando Frias
I’m With the Band Dana Whitney
Ice Pick Rules Steven Lane Smith
Impresario, The John P Murphy
In Jade Moonlight Craig Stewart
In the Hands of the Stoners Aaron Mare
Infernal Corey Azevedo
Infest Jess & Cindy Parra
Insight War of the Angels Joseph Murkijanian
Intravenal Mark Wagstaff
Invented August Genie Frisbee & Melissa Farnsworth
It Happened on the Orient Express Jean McIntosh
Jack Pine Triumph Shanna Taylor
Jacob’s Ocean Jan Evans
Jacobs Attic Ryan Widner
Jane of Battery Park Jaye Viner
Johhny Dane Tod Shacklett
Joppa Flat, The Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
Journey with the Magi Guillermo Gomez
Julius V Steve Guettermann
Junah’s Gift Anthony Feijoo Amado & Angel Perez Castellanos
Just East of Eden Randy D Owens
Just the Right Amount of Wrong Larry Hulse
Kaleidoscope Darryl Wimberley
Kerry Dunbar Evan Laughlin
KHDZ David R. Beshears
Killbook Pearse Lehane
Killing Rusty John Volmers
Kingsley Linda Saether
Kisscam Coletta Preacely-Garcia
Lady Blade Catherine Thrush
Lady Smoke John Celona
LandLocked Steven Becker
Last 9 Days of Gretchen Kuhntz, The Russ Lindway
Last Indian War, The Michael Graf
Late Bloomers Terence J. Gabriel
Leadfoot Steve Kopera
Leaves Morley Nelson
Letters John Long & Jeremy N. Cox
Letters from Thurgood Robert F Redmond Jr
Life More Perfect Steve Brechtel
Life of Dreams, The Peter Devonald and Kevin Scrantz
Life Without Frosted Glass, A Jeremy Saul Taylor
Lions Share Eugene James
Local Secrets James Taylor
Lorena’s Misadventures Corina Maritescu
Lost Tsar, The James Rosenfield
Love The Final Dart Sohit Keswani
Love Transcending Annie Ricciuti
Lucys Cort Justina Walford
Man at the Top Larry Shulruff
Mansion on the Hill Kim Sheeter
Marco & the Dream Detective Hugh Schulze
Matriculation Mark J. Rose
Matter of Predjudice, A Sandra Lince
Megalania Ray Karp
Miami Feist Debra Zarne
Middling Sheri McMahon
Midsummer Maria Berova
Militia Caper, The Jeff Peters
Milk Route, The Michael Begg
Mind of the Assassin Carolina Saccone
Miss Hollywood John Kestner
Miss Lyon & Mr. Twain Bartholomew Hobson
Momsong Yvonne Meyer
Money Talks Bronwyn Isaac
Morality, Game, The Ed Vela
Moving, The Lori Queirolo
Murder Me David H Luz
Murder Me Twice Serita Stevens
Mutiny in the Dugout Rod Kent & Rebecca Foster
My Choice William Conlon
My Pet Zombie Stephen Daniels
Myth Jean Blasiar
Need, The Scott Frazelle
Never Attack Just Defend Mark Macauley
Nice Guy, A Paul Vincent
Night Falls on Olympus Christopher O’Rourke
Night for Souls, A Michael J. Corcoran
Not Yet Bob Mahaffey
Numbered Oat Ruchika Mandhyan
Obscurity Paolo Taddei
Occupy Jim Sea
Of Wolves and Men Robert Dan O´Neill
Offsides Rebekah E. Reaves
Oh Crappy Day Jon Lance Bacon
Old Castles Secret, The Timothy Savage
Om Factor, The Jean Buschmann
Once When You Were Mine Richard Dane Scott
One Fck of a Day Anthony Tarsitano
One Foot in the Grave Ryan Tungate
Orbs Justin Hawkins
Out of Love Jean Van Tuyle Blasiar
Oxbury Heights Ian de Vries
Pahana Stewart Lindh & Daniel Romero
Painkiller Arturo Olivares
Paint It Black Maureen J. Grenier
Panic David Benjamin Sporn & Paul Coleman
Passing Light Kim Lee Winslow
Paul Revere Margaret Sweeney Ballou
Phantom Pains Alvin Easter
Picasso’s War Robert E. Burns
Place of Ravens Terence Brody
Point Random Edward Ybarra
Probable Cause Shane McCabe
Project P.A.R.I.S. Dennis Douda & Justine Hoa Nguyen
pure Maggie Rowe & Andersen Gabrych
Purgatory Craig Charter
Pussycat Rampage Timothy Friend
Railroad Girl Lynn Mills & Briana London
Ray and Molly After the Apocalypse Mark Simborg
Real McCoy, The Justin Taite
Rebirth Gary Eads
Red Stitches Steven Miller
Redemption 37 Edward Mann
Reel Friends Sandra Hodge-Hampton
Retirement Plan B. Daniel Martinez
Reverend Ezra Tombstone Michael Pallotta
Rock God Robert J. Jaffe & Stephen Freedman
Rockinitis Jack Kolkmeyer
Rockwell David Berenbaum & T.M. Hayes
Rotten Kristin Bogart
Rube Dan O’Brien
Run! Anne Katherine
Running in Prose Katrina Jolid
Rust Michael E. Bierman
Ruth and Rose Brian Nicol
Sadistic Beginnings Holly Barrett
Sailbad the Sinner Jeff Thomas
Sam and Jerry Michael Simon
Sanctuary Darryl Wimberley
Sarah on the Run Doug Mayfield
Savannah Rose Valerie Dalena
Sawdust in the Sky Robert H Burke
Scapegoat Chris Julian
Screwjob Patrick Steele
Season of Mists Kevin Brodie
Second Beast, The Deirdre Patterson
Secret War, The Joseph Stringfield & Nolan Stringfield
Self Storage Carlos Gutierrez
Sentences Stewart Lindh
Serial Brothers Justin Kagan
Seven Knights Sabrina Morris
Sexual Revolution, The Martin K Zitter
Shadow Falls Anders Holmes
Shadowman Mike Miller
Shadowplay Judy Marston
Signs of Being Tracey Bradley
Sins of a Super Hero Dennis Douda
Sins of the Hunter Sally-Anne Ward
Sister Dance, The Victoria Augustine
Slaying Dragons Jennifer Lefever
Snakemen, The Jeffrey Ryback
Snowdrop Riccardo Giullari
Soccer Balls Jason Doeren
Soccer Momster, The Jeffrey Rubin
Spillville Craig Heller
Spy Kyle Francis
Stages Ron Podell
Stalag Dixie Lynn Morris
State Jacob Burstein-Stern & Kyle Laursen
Stay Trill Drew Morris
Stealing Sam Antony J. Bowman
Straight Shooter Kathleen Kreiser
Stride Rick Whelan
Summer Camp Diane Hanks
Summer of Lisa Lisa Franek
Summer of Love M Perlick
Sweet Science Matt Rhoden
Switch Adam Graveley
Sympathy for the Devil John Cruz Alarid
Tags Robert Christian Frostholm
Tales Out of School Michael Ruther, Blake Ray Hollis & Adler
Tango With Solitude Maria HInterkoerner
Tater Tot & Patton Andrew Kightlinger
Tears for My City Dean Dimitrieski
Tears of Eternity John Michael Pearson
Templar Honor Among Thieves Rene Hinojosa
Terminal Call A.J. Meyers and Richard Winslow
That Damnable Bull Harold Schmidt & Tony Cirone
Thief Jonathan Smith
Thousand Times Goodnight, A Sandra Corkins-Schmidt
Three Sheets to The Wind Nick Arvay
Thrown Jessi Seguin
Tied Down Erica Ashbrook
Time and Space Steven Prowse
Time Surfers Michael J Leider
Tori & Lisa “Pilot” Octaveus Kelly
Tree Canyon Reduex Michael Dobkin
Trim Carl B. Clark
Triton Marc C. DeLamater
Truth About Mercy, The Desiree R Poteet
Tunkashila Robert Horvath
Uglies, The Fred Wiehe
Under the World Brooke Heatley-Palmer
Unhooking Scott A. Aiman
Unseen, The Shiva Ramanathan
Uploading Zoran Lisinac
Utopia Virus, The Chris Fiore
Utopian Experiment, The Phil Jackson
Valentines Tim Pitoniak
Victor James Huang
Vilification of Ruth Dunn, The Taylor Albertson
Viral Joe McClean
Voice, The Bettina Gracias
Wahneta Allan McCall
Wake Up Priscilla! Emanuela Del Monaco
Wake-up Call Tomer Almagor
Waking the Fallen Son Danielle Dooley
Walking in Memphis David W. Ford
Warsaw Kimberly Kaplan
We Lived Amanda Stoddard
West Dakota Mark Rose
Wham Bam Merci Maam David Minaskanian
Wheelchair Jeffrey H. Johns
White Powder Ash Kohan & David Castro
Wild Sky Andrea Ashton
Wilder Family, The Chris Binning
Windows Michelle Simon
Witches’ Road, The Arthur Vincie
Woman of the Year Ted Gurich
Wonder, The George M. Johnson
Wonderer Michal Lali Kagan
World Turned Upside Down, A Randy Hatch
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Doris B Gill
Zombie Games Claire Thorne & Emily Thorne
Zugzwang Robert Dorian