Circus Road Screenplay Contest 2015 – Semi-Finalists

Circus Road is pleased to announce the Semi-Finalists for our Second Annual Circus Road Screenplay Contest. In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners, there are three rounds to the contest. In the first round, every screenplay is read by several judges. The screenplays with the highest ratings move into the second round. The screenplays listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Semi-Finalists, which represent the top 20% of entries that we received.

We appreciate everyone’s submission! Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

2015 Semi-Finalists

Adam Rogulski GuardianShip
Alexandria Rose Rizik and Zachary Figures 21 Questions
Alison McGrath and Brenda Gress Unfriended
Anne Katherine The Alleluia Chase
Benjamin Meyer Trophy
Bill Johnston Requited
Bob Canning The Ghost, the Girl and the Garden
Brian McCormick Fallen Star
Carl B. Clark American Ridge
Carol Farrand No Safe Place
Catherine Thrush Lady Blade
Chadwin Taylor Seed No Evil
Clinton Braly and Jim Braly Handicapped Space
Coburn Tuller Balloon
Connor Gunnlaugsson Furious Storm: Curse of Egypt
Corey Azevedo Unbecoming
Craig Heller As Long As You Both Shall
Craig Peters 49th Day, The
Dan A. R. Kelly Chattanooga
Danielle Dooley Waking the Fallen Son
David Carren The Clever Girl
David Schroeder Lost Cause
Dean Dimitrieski Tears For My City
Deirdre L. Brenner Beneath the Surface
Dennis Douda and Joe Berglove Knockers
Derek M Walker Another Man’s Gun
Dianna Zimmerman and Brad Jost Saloon Smasher
Eddy L. Barrows Stroud’s Run
Erica Ashbrook Imperfect
Ernestina Juarez and Conrad Bailey Temple
Gary Green The Woman That Couldn’t Cry
Gary Wallach Evelyn and Eddie
Geoffrey Calhoun Pink Bunny
Graham Parke How to Catch a Time Traveler
Guillermo Gomez Brain Duster
Gwenis Alexis Flames of Love
Hilton Webber The Ballylickey Killings
Howard Fridkin The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze
Ian Harvey Coming Home
James Dalton Kill It
James David Sullivan The Face of Pain
James Dilworth Real Life
James W Taylor Local Secrets
Jamie Sutliff Lil C*nt
Jean Blasiar Eddie Bell
Jeff Shevlowitz All of Her Life
Jodi Levitan Finding Distance
Joe Amato and Kass Fleisher The Adjunct
John Alarid Lucifer’s Revenge
John Harris Fourplay
Jonathan Smith Batshit Bride
Justin Kagan Scared Stillman
Ken Comer D.T.
Larry Shulruff Keeper of the Cup
Linda Rumney Myrna and the Wave
Lou Wollin Pink & Blue
Lynn Morris Escapers
Mark J. Rose West Dakota
Martin Blinder Catch the Devil
Matthew Goldenberg Psycho Therapy
Megan Freels The Ice Cream Truck
Melanie Schiele Selma & Charlene
Michael Baley The Second Coming
Michael Dugan Chubby Chasers
Michael Leider Cannabis Gigantis
Mike Miller Shadowman
Mike Schwartz Eve of Miracles
Oliver Tuthill Cottenhead
Patrick K Gamble Chippies
Pearse Lehane Get Me This William Shakespeare
Peter Devonald and Kevin Scrantz Godsmacked
Phillip Thomas Bandog
Randy Dale Owens What Happens in Wine
Ray Karp Cardshark
Ray Spruill Nicki Foxx
Richard Corman Wisconsin Krueger’s 1918
Richard Reed A Clash of Iron
Robert Broderick Armor
Robert Dorian The Killing of Kingmustang
Robert E Randall Hunting Grace
Robert F. Redmond, Jr. Letters From Thurgood
Robert Gately The Barking Spider
Ron Mitchell The Other Side
Ron Podell Pulp Science Fiction
Roy Woodbridge Tom Stone
Russ Lindway Sorrow Veil, The
Russell Brown Hypnotist, The
Scherrie Payne The Circus Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore
Scott A. Aiman Unhooking
Shiva Ramanathan Hidden
Stacie Shellner Saint Chloe
Steve Kopera Seducer
Steven A. Miller Sea Change
Sundae Jahant-Osborn Just Kill Me Already!
Suzanne Vaughan The Jewels of Nefertiti
Terence J. Gabriel Late Bloomers
Tim Davis The Girls In The Shadows
Timothy Jay Smith Cooper’s Promise
Wendy Wilkins Where the Men Are
Zeke Farrow Fairfax & Waldo Fly the Coop!