Circus Road Screenplay Contest 2015 – Finalists

Circus Road is pleased to announce the Finalists for our Second Annual Circus Road Screenplay Contest. In order to choose the Grand Prize winner, there are three rounds to the contest. In the first and second rounds, every screenplay is read by several judges. The screenplays listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Finalists, which represent the top 25 entries that we received.

We appreciate everyone’s submission! Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

2015 Finalists

Alison McGrath and Brenda Gress Unfriended
Carl B. Clark American Ridge
Chadwin Taylor Seed No Evil
David Schroeder Lost Cause
Dean Dimitrieski Tears For My City
Eddy L. Barrows Stroud’s Run
Ernestina Juarez and Conrad Bailey Temple
Gary Wallach Evelyn and Eddie
Graham Parke How to Catch a Time Traveler
Gwenis Alexis Flames of Love
Howard Fridkin The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze
Jeff Shevlowitz All of Her Life
Jim Dalton Kill It
Jodi Levitan Finding Distance
John Alarid Lucifer’s Revenge
Lynn Morris Escapers
Mark J. Rose West Dakota
Martin Blinder Catch the Devil
Patrick K Gamble Chippies
Randy Dale Owens What Happens in Wine
Russ Lindway Sorrow Veil, The
Sundae Jahant-Osborn Just Kill Me Already!
Terence J. Gabriel Late Bloomers
Timothy Jay Smith Cooper’s Promise
Zeke Farrow Fairfax & Waldo Fly the Coop!