Circus Road Screenplay Contest 2016 – Semi-Finalists

Circus Road is pleased to announce the Semi-Finalists for our Second Annual Circus Road Screenplay Contest. In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners, there are three rounds to the contest. In the first round, every screenplay is read by several judges. The screenplays with the highest ratings move into the second round. The screenplays listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Semi-Finalists, which represent the top 20% of entries that we received.

We appreciate everyone’s submission! Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

40 Millimeter by Stece Hochman
A.K.A. Chameleon by Patrick McAllister
After by Desiree Poteet
Angels Descend by Russ Lindway
Baked Off by Dana Whitney
Bingo King by Jason Skorski
Blood Trigger by Ron Podell
Blue Death by Pamela Kay
Carn-Evil by Jason Siner
Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin
Devil’s Valley Justice by Harold L. Brown
El Coyote by Kimberly Daraz
Emmett in Peopleland by Larry Hankin
Fifty Miles an Hour by Linda Rumney
Floyd the Ninja by Jason Skorski
Gaviota: The Nude Beach Murders by Robert Joseph
Heidegger in Ruins by Jeffrey van Davis
Holding Hands by CRAIG HELLER
Holy Coyote by Angela Dorsey
Inked in Blood by Paul Corricelli
Late Bloomers by Terence Gabriel
Little Red Pill by John Kestner
Myrna and the Wave by Linda Rumney
Past Life Interrupted by Randy Owens
Retired by Justin kagan
Sanctuary by Scott Pittock
Sardis the Merciful by Christian Thomas
Speak English by Kieran Angelini
The Baby Bet by Christian Heinze
The Experiment by Jeffrey Allen Russel and Lynda Lemberg
The Face of Pain by James David Sullivan
The House that Peterbilt by Carl B. Clark
The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin
The Lean by Pearse Lehane
The Protectress by Erica Ashbrok
The Return Of “Power Girl” by Ray Spruill
The Second Coming by Michael Baley
The Voice by Bettina Gracias
The Wonderful by Demitra Papadinis
TRIM by Carl B. Clark
Unconscionable by Howard Fridkin