CR Screenplay Contest 2019 – Finalists

Circus Road is pleased to announce the Finalists for the Circus Road Screenplay Contest. In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners, there are three rounds to the contest. The screenplays listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Finalists, which represent the top 10% of entries that we received.

We appreciate everyone’s submissions! Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

A Bad Influence by Yul-Pyeong Oh
A Little Sedated by Joey Sanders
Blood on the Gold by Dennis DeBon
Bulldozer Girl by Irwin Greenstein
Community Resources by B K
DAVID VS. VEGAS by Dennis DeBon
DOuG by Thresa Richardson
Dragon Fruit by ryan lopez
Fast Dance With The Devil by R Chumley Scott
From Here by James Sweeney
God Save the Prom Queen by Devi Snively
I was here by Jocelyn osier
Jellyfish in the Poconos by Samuel DeFrank
Little Things Mean a Lot by Michael Monteith
Living Mosaic by Adam Blake
LOVE THY NEIGHBOR by Jean Buschmann
Loving Me Straight by Ruby Smith
My Yearbook by Jim Norman
Operation: Cinnamon by Tom Starita
Perigee Heart by Robert Languedoc
SALEM by Michael Edwards
Seraphim’s Miracle by Jeremy Storey
The Art of Suicide by Devi Snively
The Basement Man by Matt Lewis
The Cave Girl by Brendan Butler
The Forge by Howard W. Robertson
The Milwaukee Cannibal by Lloyd Culberson
The Secret Lives of Youtubers by Britain Valenti & Patrick Wells
The Walk-Offs by Will Berry
Thy Brother’s Reaper by Zachary Redmond
To Kill a King by Brett Gaul