CR Screenplay Contest 2020 – First Round Results

Circus Road Films is pleased to announce the scripts that made it through the First Round of Judging for our Circus Road Screenplay Contest. In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners, there are three rounds of judging.  The screenplays listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition, as they represent the top 30% of entries that we received.

We appreciate everyone’s submission! Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

A Few Weeks in March by Sandy Fugate
A Long Awaited Day by Mary-Kate Allen
AGAIN IN HIS NAME 111020 by Nadia Meirovich
Age Bracket by Mitch Emoff
At The Mercy of Faith by Samuel L Taylor
Bad Mango! by Meghan Weinstein
Bingo 2.0 by Justin Kagan
Brook Farm by Alexander Wake
BURIED TRUTHS by Jan Miller Corran & Adam Huss
COFFEE BIRD by Jarek Marszewski & Anthony Marais
Don’t Breathe by Caitlin Adams
DUBBY by Danial Couch
Face Painters by Giovanni Sanseviero
Flat Head by Amir
Full Confession by Michael Mack
Getaway Kids by Mark Karinja
Gods of Rock by Roi Tamkin
Guardian by Ky Rogers
GUT by Robbie Snow
Heaven Schmevin by Jim Norman
House On The Borderland by Aaron Escobar
In Another World by Bridget Addison
INHERITANCE by Kurt T. Choate
Life and Times of a Retired Suicide Bomber by Robert Thompsett
Longshot by Jason Skorski
Padre Diablo by Scott Sublett
Peace Hero by Amir Abbasi
POWER COUPLE by Peter Andrews
Pride and Paparazzi by Sylvie Beaudin
Publish or Perish by David Liban
Remember…Member…Me by John Martins III
Retirement Road Trip by Joe Leone
Review by Jonathan Zarantonello
Rooms Of Experience by Steffany Lohn Sommers
Ruined Vacation by Mark Donnell
Rummage. The Flight of the Bell-tower by Graham White
Seraphim’s Miracle by Jeremy Storey
Simmer by Derrick Haggerty & Owen Schwartzbard
Spartan Mansion by Stacey Alan Spivey
Static by Renee Meland
The Barn by Danial Couch
The Christians – Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile by Tony Gioutsos
The Human Element by Kenneth H. Kim
The Life That Wasn’t by Emilio Santín
The Link by K.S. Miranda & Laurie Stevens
The Minefield by Quinn Redeker, Jason Skorski
The Paisley Witch Trial – Pilot by Julia Campanelli
The Peacemaker by Andrew Crane
The Real Thing by Matthew Papadopoulos
The Reverend by Jason Hibbs
THE REVVER by Michael Hanson & Kelly Moothart
The Shelter by Bob Caso
The StarPeople: Our Evolution by Kelly LaCombe
The Story Shall Stay by Renee Meland
The Utopians by Scott Sublett
The Wayward by Caitlin Adams
The Werewolf Hunters by John T Rice
Two Versatile Words by Erin Peckham
UNMADE MAN by Bob Caso
Wild Mind the completed version by Fujio Torikai
Women Ascending by Laura Bollinger
Yololti (Heart) by Carina Rosanna Tautu
Yusef Christ by Henry Brown