CR Screenplay Contest 2020 – Second Round Results

Circus Road Films is pleased to announce the scripts that made it through the Second Round of Judging for our Circus Road Screenplay Contest. In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners, there are three rounds of judging.  The screenplays listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition, as they represent the top 10% of entries that we received.

We appreciate everyone’s submission! Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

A Few Weeks in March by Sandy Fugate
A Long Awaited Day by Mary-Kate Allen
Bad Mango! by Meghan Weinstein
Don’t Breathe by Caitlin Adams
Full Confession by Michael Mack
GUT by Robbie Snow
Heaven Schmevin by Jim Norman
Longshot by Jason Skorski
Retirement Road Trip by Joe Leone
Ruined Vacation by Mark Donnell
The Link by K.S. Miranda & Laurie Stevens
The Minefield by Quinn Redeker, Jason Skorski
The Paisley Witch Trial – Pilot by Julia Campanelli
The Real Thing by Matthew Papadopoulos
The StarPeople: Our Evolution by Kelly LaCombe
The Story Shall Stay by Renee Meland
Two Versatile Words by Erin Peckham
Yololti (Heart) by Carina Rosanna Tautu
Yusef Christ by Henry Brown